REVERSIBLE MASKS – Balikatan’s 2020 special fund raising project is earmarked towards the Leadership Development trainings of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines (IVCFP) staff and students.

Please support the initiative.

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Balikatan's Vision Statement

  1. Help fulfill Christ’s Great Commission by being a Spirit-led and missionally effective support movement to IVCF Philippines
  2. Provide prayer, financial and other forms of support to IVCF Philippines staff and alumni in ministry.
  3. Help ensure that a sustainable and long-term resource support base is provided to Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) Philippines.
  4. Foster mutual encouragement and fellowship among alumni, friends and supporters in IVCF Philippine’s ministry.
  5. Assist its North American and international constituency in proactively pursuing its Christian witness in North American and global societies and cultures.

While conscientiously dynamic to keep its fellowship and objectives relevant to socio-cultural and economic needs, Balikatan will remain absolutely Christ-centered and Biblically-attuned, always keen to IVCF ministerial principles and protocols in all aspects of its programs, projects and services.

Balikatan Ng Mga Kristiano, Inc. is now accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Integrity (ECFA). This means greater stewardship accountability and adherence to a higher standard of financial responsibility. In view of God's clear guidelines for resource handling, sealed by this accreditation, you can say with increased confidence that Balikatan will handle your financial gifts with the utmost respect and integrity.