The 1st Balikatan Conference in the Philippines &
the 1st joint, in-person conference with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines!

Our gathering and fellowship will highlight:

  • Powerful Worship Session & Bible Studies with IVCFP staff and alumni
  • Balikatan’s 40th anniversary
  • IVCFP’s 70th anniversary and Kawayan Camp (KC)’s 65th
  • Participation in IVCFP’s National Conference activities with key highlights
  • Fun Night & LIve Auction with IVCFP
  • “Homecoming” for various KC batches and reconnecting with long lost IV alumni & friends

Enjoy the cool breeze…

… and the beautiful sunset of Tagaytay

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The conference will be hosted at the
CCT Tagaytay Retreat & Training Center.