2023 Balikatan Conference Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Philippines was originally chosen as the venue for the 2020 Balikatan Conference, which was postponed to 2023.  The selection of the Philippines as the venue for the Balikatan Conference was strategic.  Holding the conference in the Philippines will bring us, Balikatan members and friends, up close and personal with the leadership and staff of IVCFP who we have been partnering with in reaching students for Jesus Christ in the Philippines.  Having the Philippines as a Balikatan Conference venue would also allow Philippine-based IVCFP alumni to have fellowship with Balikatan members and friends and those alumni who are now residing abroad.

The 2023 Balikatan Conference would be different from previous conferences due to the following:

  1. Venue is outside of North America.
  2. Duration of the conference is 4 days and 3 nights, instead of the usual 3 days and 2 nights.
  3. Potential attendees from IVCFP alumni who are based in the Philippines.
  4. Joint sessions with attendees of the IVCFP National Conference.
  5. Joint celebration with IVCFP of important milestones: IVCFP’s 75th, Kawayan Camp’s 65th, and Balikatan’s 40th.

The registration fee is US $150, which covers food, lodging, and registration materials during the 4-day/3-night conference.  Registration is free for children younger than 13 years old, while registration fee is $75 for those who are 13 – 19 years old.  

The conference venue is the Center for Community Transformation (CCT) Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center in Tagaytay City, Cavite. It is a sprawling and serene hillside venue with a cool and unpolluted climate. The weather is a bit chilly in December. CCT-TRTC has earned high ratings on Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Google reviewers, reaping raves especially for their food and staff service. It is about 60 kms or 1½ hour drive from the Ninoy Aquino International Airports and about 2 to 2½ hours commute from the Quezon City provincial bus terminals. For more information, visit their blog: http://ccttagaytay.blogspot.com/

There are currently no plans for Balikatan to provide transportation needs from the airport to the venue and return. However, Balikatan could facilitate your travel from the airport in coordination with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Philippines (IVCFP).  Please contact Landy Ancheta at [email protected], if you need assistance. 

There are currently no plans for Balikatan to undertake such activities.  However, there will be allotted times during the conference for mini-reunions amongst alumni who are attending both the Balikatan Conference and the IVCFP National Conference.

Yes, the venue is accessible by public transportation, taxis, and Grab.

Yes, there is Wi-Fi at CCT, but limited to the plenary hall.

We advise that you purchase a local prepaid SIM card and load it with an equivalent data usage according to your needs.

Yes, there are nearby hotels for lodging.  A list of recommended hotels will be added to this FAQ when it becomes available.

Attendees Worldwide except Canada & Philippines: Please complete the registration form and send it together with payment in US $ to:

  • ABE NAVARRETE – 6804 Dundee Court, Yakima, WA 98908

Canada Attendees: Please complete the registration form and send it together with payment of Canadian $ to:

  • JOEL SOTOCINAL – 610 88A Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6X 1C3

Philippine Attendees: Please complete the registration form and send it together with payment in PHP funds to:

  • REINSTARY ARLEGUI – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, 101  Don Primitivo St. Don Antonio Hts., Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City 1127

REGISTRATION FORMS may be downloaded here: 2023 Philippines Conference – Balikatan Ng Mga Kristiano, Inc.

The venue has a family room for four, five, or six.

A valid passport and return tickets are required for US, Canadian, British, Australian and EU citizens and no visa is required if staying less than 30 days in the Philippines. Other nationals are advised to contact the nearest Philippine embassy or visit www.immigration.gov.ph to check visa requirements.  Also, check for Covid travel restrictions through your airline or the Philippines immigration office website.

All meals will be served buffet-style at the dining hall. CCT observes the CLAYGO (clean-as-you go) practice, which means guests are expected to tidy up their table after eating, and bring their used plates and utensils to the designated area.

Tagaytay City’s climate is characterized by relatively low temperature (average of 23 degrees C/73 degrees F), low humidity and abundant rainfall. Situated approximately 600 meters above sea level, the city is misty and is relatively cooler during the months of December, January and February. (Source: http://www.tagaytay.gov.ph)

There is no discount for early registration.

We will prioritize senior citizens and persons with disabilities in rooms closer to the plenary sessions venue.  Please register in advance to avail of these rooms.

Yes, please invite your friends. Regular registration fee, or if they are not attending the full conference, appropriate daily fees will be assessed. 

Arrangements are being made for child care and/or youth program during the conference.  We’ll update this FAQ when more details become available.

Tagaytay Medical Center is 13 minutes away by car from the conference venue.  CCT will have a medical staff during the conference.

We will provide a list of recommended restaurants when it becomes available.

CCT has enough parking spaces to accommodate vehicles of all guests and visitors.

You can ride a tricycle from the highway to CCT.

We’ll provide you the theme, costume, and activities for the Fun Night three months before the conference.

Book as soon as you are certain that you are attending the conference. March to May for a December trip is usually the best time. Feel free to consult a travel agent as well to get the best deal.