Balikatan Membership = I LOVE THE LORD and I CARE.

We need each other

The ministries the Lord continues to entrust upon Balikatan are growing deeper, wider and stronger. But we need you to help us carry this monumental privilege together. As “Balikatan” by the essence of the word, symbolizes the image, the virtue of unity and togetherness to fulfill a defined destination, so does Balikatan as an organization testifies to the truth: we need you to get there.




Balikatan Membership means involvement, engagement and commitment to the Vision and Mission of Balikatan. 

More than simply “paying a fee”, becoming a member equates to giving a public testimony that you stand by our calling of:

  1. Supporting and praying for the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Philippines,

  2. Advocating for and assisting our Alumni-In-Full Time Ministries worldwide, and

  3. Becoming an encouragement and fellow “burden-bearer” with your Balikatan family members in our Christian commitment to be God’s Salt and Light to the world.

Become a member today!

There are four ways to become a member:

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Donate $25.00 (US) annually towards Balikatan Membership.

This will help sustain Balikatan’s operational & ministry needs such as remittance fees for IVCFP and transportation costs for the IVCFP Representative to Balikatan General Conferences.

Attend a Balikatan Conference

Whether General or Regional - and express your willingness to become a member.

Donate a total of at least $1,000 (US) in one fiscal year o the various Balikatan & IVCFP ministries.

Examples include the Alumni-In-Ministries, IVCFP Staff Salaries, etc.

Be a member through your Local Fellowship Group.

When your fellowship group has become a Charter Member with its donation of at least $200.00 towards Balikatan Operations.

Send in your membership form and love gift!


Please complete the Membership Form below (with your $25 Membership Check payable to “Balikatan” if chosen) to: Balikatan, Inc. at P.O Box 1021, San Leandro CA 94577.


You may also email your Membership Form to: [email protected], while giving your donation online at “” Please designate it to “Balikatan Membership” in the drop down menu or type in Balikatan Membership in the comment box.