BALIKATAN’S Invitation for Alumni-In-Ministries Nominees

Dear Balikatan Members and Friends,

In these uncertain and troubled times, it is good to be reminded that we should “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.” Psalm 118: 1 NLT
Because of God’s provision and the kind generosity of the 2019 Eastern & Mid-West Regional Conference (EMRC) Planning Committee, Balikatan is in a position to grant a financial gift to selected IVCF Philippines alumni in the mission field in this second half of 2020. 
We will be giving $700.00 each to 3 recipients. The Balikatan Board would like to request you to please submit your nominees by July 31st
Based on the Alumni in Ministry (AIM) Procedures, there are two categories of candidates: National, and Foreign Missionaries.
National Missionaries – Filipino IVCF Philippines Alumni whose ministry is largely based in the Philippines.
  1.  Those NOT receiving foreign aid
  2. Whose financial support is exclusively local-based, and
  3. NOT receiving a regular, pre-existing Balikatan financial support 
The above qualifications will also hold true for IVCF Phils. Alumni who are working for foreign missions organizations or churches yet are based in the Philippines.
Foreign Missionaries – Filipino IVCF Philippines Alumni whose base of ministry is overseas. Those working in the Majority World countries are given priority. 
Additional consideration will be given to ‘independent’ AIMs raising their own ministry support.
To avoid ‘vested interests,’ you cannot nominate someone who is a family member or a relative. A potential candidate cannot nominate himself or herself. Previous recipients need not be nominated again. The AIM Committee will deliberate on the nominations beginning August 1st. All shortlisted candidates will be notified and will be asked to fill out a ‘qualification form.’ We are aiming to announce the names of the three recipients sometime in September.
One of Balikatan’s Strategic Objectives formulated last year is to increase its focus on AIMs through more grants and facilitation of gifts and support remittances. This additional help extended to three IVCF Philippines alumni in ministry at this time we trust would be a humble way to be a kabalikat to those who have sacrificially answered the call to serve the Lord full time.
Submit your nominations to me or to any member of the Balikatan Board. My email address is [email protected]. Use the same email address for any questions.
Serving Together,

Ramon Rocha III
Alumni in Ministry Committee


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