“‘If there is a loving God, then why … ?’ No matter how the question is completed, at its root lies the issue of pain. Does God order suffering? Or did He simply wind up the world’s mainspring and now is watching from a distance?”

“Like a friend earnestly speaking to another friend…”
“Honest, vulnerable, transparent”
“Presents God as the source of all comfort and care.”
We invite you to hear God’s Word through our Special Guest Speaker as God reminds us of His utmost love for us even as we bear the most unspeakable pains.
Philip Yancey

Balikatan Ng Mga Kristiano, Inc. announces its 2021 General Conference, featuring Mr. Philip Yancey, world-renowned evangelical author and speaker! The event hosted by the New England Planning Group, will dive deep into the topics of pain, suffering and disillusionment, especially in the recent contexts of the pandemic, political upheaval, wokeness and social justice dubiety in the church and culture. We are honored to receive God’s Word through Philip’s exhortations as he challenges us to look at the full spectrum of suffering thru God’s eyes – from the physical to the spiritual – to see His ultimate purpose and end goal.

Want to know more about Philip and how God has used him through decades to mobilize countless Christians worldwide to Christ-centered, Biblical Faith in Action? Please visit philipyancey.com.

Please join us. Please join us. Please join us.

Thank you for your interest. Registration for the Conference has

Hybrid Event - Make It A Meaningful Fellowship Weekend!

 The conference will be held online via ZOOM. However, we strongly encourage Local Fellowship Groups and neighboring participants to gather together in person (as healthy and safely as law permits) to make a meaningful weekend fellowship event out of it. Some are already planning for a BBQ get-together and or a pool-party! Let your creative gathering expertise unleash!


  • Opening Plenary:  9:00 PM (Eastern) = 8:00 PM (Central) = 6:00 PM (Pacific) = Saturday, September 4th: 9:00 AM (Manila)
  • Session I: 11:00 AM (Eastern) = 10:00 AM (Central) = 8:00 AM (Pacific) = 11:00 PM (Manila)
  • Session II: 6:00 PM (Eastern) = 5:00 PM (Central) = 3:00 PM (Pacific) = Sunday, September 5th: 6:00 AM (Manila)
  • Closing Plenary/Fun Night! 9:00 PM (Eastern) = 8:00 PM (Central) = 6:00 PM (Pacific) = Sunday, September 5th: 9:00 AM (Manila)


Deadline: Sunday, August 15th at 12:00 Midnight (Pacific) 
  •  $50.00 US/person for Registrants based in N. America and elsewhere in the world outside of the Philippines.
  • Free for current Intervarsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines (IVCFP) staff.
  • PhP 500.00 = $10.00 US/person for Registrants based exclusively in the Philippines. Donations directly to IVCFP via ivcfphil.org are greatly encouraged. 

INCREASED Registration Fee

Extension Deadline: Sunday, August 22nd at 12:00 Midnight (Pacific).  
  •  $60.00 US/person for Registrants based in N. America and elsewhere in the world outside of the Philippines.