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The Founding of Balikatan Ng Mga Kristiano, Incorporated

In 1983, a group of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) Philippines alumni in the U.S. was informed that IVCF-Philippines was in financial crisis, and was considering closing its doors. Staff salaries had been chronically delayed, staff appointments were cut, publications were halted, and expansion of the work in various campuses was postponed.

 A response was imperative!

 IVCF Philippines alumni all over the United States mobilized and worked in a concerted effort to meet IVCF-Philippines’ financial need. Preliminary meetings were held in Virginia, West Virginia and New York to map out strategies. Consequently the leaders of the alumni groups in California (ACTS-IVCF), Illinois (IV-Cares), Virginia, New York and West Virginia agreed to organize the first conference for fellowship and to discuss how to help IVCF-Philippines.

 On July 4-6, 1984, the annual Balikatan Conference was born! Held in New Jersey, the first was attended by 32 delegates from Illinois, Georgia, California, Virginia, West Virginia, New York and Massachusetts.

 As a result of this conference, three goals were established:*

  •  Promote mutual encouragement and fellowship among Christians in the United States and Canada
  • Encourage continuing prayer and financial support of IVCF ministries and Christian work in the Philippines
  • Support the worldwide mission of the church

 The fellowship was officially named “Balikatan Ng Mga Kristiano”, and was subsequently incorporated and awarded a tax-deductible status. Its official logo is a portrait of the well known Filipino practice of “Bayanihan” wherein people help each other move a house, a crucial possession to a better, safer, more proper situation. This tradition is a poignant visual of the Filipino values of cooperation, support and unity – ideals that comprise Balikatan’s spirit in view of its God-entrusted vision and mandate.


*Original Balikatan Bylaws Article II purposes


The New Vision Statement of Balikatan Ng Mga Kristiano, Incorporated

 In view of the ever changing economic, social, cultural and ethical climates world-wide, which directly affect both the missiological and ecclesiastical priorities of Balikatan, the membership during the 2011 Balikatan Conference held in Berkeley, California, formally adopted crucial amendments to the three-fold purposes of Balikatan (Article II of the Balikatan Bylaws). These amendments, now collectively and officially known as the Balikatan Ng Mga Kristiano, Inc. Vision Statement lists the following purposes:

  1.  Help fulfill Christ’s Great Commission by being a Spirit-led and missionally effective support movement to IVCF Philippines
  2.  Provide prayer, financial and other forms of support to IVCF Philippines staff and alumni in ministry.
  3.  Help ensure that a sustainable and long-term resource support base is provided to Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) Philippines.
  4.  Foster mutual encouragement and fellowship among alumni, friends and supporters in IVCF Philippine’s ministry.
  5.  Assist its North American and international constituency in proactively pursuing its Christian witness in North American and global societies and cultures.

While conscientiously dynamic to keep its fellowship and objectives relevant to current needs, Balikatan will remain absolutely Christ-centered and Biblically-founded, always attuned to IVCF ministerial principles and protocols in all aspects of its programs, projects and services.

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