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The time has come again, dear Balikatan Family, for this reminder for ALL OF US to sign up or renew our Balikatan Membership for Fiscal Year 2017.
Please participate in Balikatan’s new initiative of “Each One, Reach One” (each member to reach another to become a member) because without you, our ministries, operations and programs are significantly disadvantaged. Without you, we are disabled and immobilized. But together we are unstoppable, able to achieve what our ALMIGHTY KING has laid before this organization.

By becoming a Balikatan Member today, you are positively impacting the lives of high school and college students in the Philippines through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Philippines (IVCFP) as well as the IVCFP Alumni in Full Time Ministries. You are bringing the life-changing Gospel Message that leads to salvation and discipleship, with eternal consequences! 

It is easier than ever to become a member.  One of the following would qualify you as you so choose:

  1. $25.00 donation or more to Balikatan for general operations during the fiscal year.
  2. Attendance to the Balikatan conference during the fiscal year.
  3. Donation of $1,000.00 or more through Balikatan within the fiscal year.
  4. Becoming a member to a Local Fellowship Group (LFG) which chooses to become a chartered member for that Fiscal Year. LFG Chartered Membership involves a voluntary giving of $200.00 or more within the fiscal year to Balikatan operating needs.

Membership is renewed every year, and members must fill out the form in order to keep Balikatan updated with your most current and accurate contact information. Kept confidential, with your privacy as our optimum priority, your information helps us be connected.

Investing in Balikatan committees and activities is the way to appropriate your membership!  There are 11 standing committees.  Please visit for the description and objectives of each committee:

  1. Alumni in Ministry (AIM), special_projects.png
  2. Communications & Website
  3. Constitution and Bylaws
  4. Finance
  5. Fund Development
  6. Membership
  7. Nominations
  8. Prayer
  9. Relational Effectiveness
  10. Special Projects
  11. Trust Fund

Based on your spiritual gifts, fields of expertise, interests and resources, we hope you will join one or more of these committees.

Glad you asked!!! It helps provide much needed finances for Balikatan operational expenses such as:

  1. Airfare and conference allowance for the National Director of IVCFP or his/her delegate to our Balikatan conference.
  2. Grant of Appreciation to our Alumni In Full Time Ministries. They so deserve it!!!
  3. Annual Conference “Seed Money” to help conference hosts with their initial conference expenses.
  4. Bank charges and fees for transmitting your donations to IVCF.
  5. Communications and eCommerce Expenses: For our monthly newsletter that bring you the most current news & announcements about Balikatan & IVCFP, database management keeping our membership information intact and secure, website management and the upkeep of our domain, convenient online donations processes that make giving such a breeze for all of us, teleconference expenses, and so many more communication needs vital to our operations.
  6. Emergency needs, miscellaneous and contingencies

Our current operational need for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 is $9,000 or $750 monthly.  This means we need…well…as many prayers and financial supporters as we can muster.  Please help us achieve this financial goal to make our ministries adequately sustained!

Mentioned above, all Balikatan Members will be asked to complete a Membership Form to keep accurate information, to receive confirmation that you abide by Balikatan's Vision Statement and IVCFP's Statement of Faith, and to solicit permission for your information to be shared confidentially - specifically and exclusively - with the leadership of IVCFP for their alumni database. The first two purposes are required, the third however is optional.

YES, YOU CAN! Visit and click on "Donate Online". In the 'Designation Line' please scroll down to choose "Balikatan Operations". Also kindly write "Balikatan Membership" in the Comment Box. Please note that even with the online sign up, you will still be asked to complete the Membership Form. One will be emailed or mailed to you based on your preference.

Rally with us!

Join us, and encourage your friends and fellow IVCF alumni to join us also. Help us ACHIEVE! Thank you very much and may God be praised! To Him be all the Glory! 

Tess Askowitz –Membership chair –USA – Tel 813-749-0187
Grace Licardo –Membership chair –Canada –    Tel -780-461-4221


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